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I’m getting a whole lot of these lately and that in itself should be a warning that it is an outright scam! This is another one of those emails that should be deleted immediately. DELETE IT NOW!


Critical Updates are intended to fix potential security risks in Business Objects of Sun Trust Bank.
Critical Update is available to remove unacceptable symbols from the wire submission page that is included in Sun Trust Electronic certificate.
This update is highly recommended to ensure the security of all Sun Trust Bank products.

To start update follow the Verification Link>>

Sincerely, Santiago Bryan.
2003-2008 Sun Trust Bank Customer Support Department


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  1. BS Artist

    It makes you wonder how people keep falling for them doesn’t it?

  2. BS Artist

    I suppose, perhaps I was thinking more along the lines of the scam emails asking for bank details so that they can transfer over huge amounts of money. My bad.

  3. BS Artist

    Yeah, but like we all know just wanting it doesn’t make it happen, unless you believe in “The Secret”

  4. Kollette

    The best thing to do with this is, if u have an account at the bank which the email is “from”, call dont click!! If there is an issue, they would be happy to clear it up over the phone ;). If u never have or dont currently have an account with that particular bank, delete it and go along with ur busy day, if ur day isnt busy, click the link and put in the most vulgar username and password u can think of. Haha I did this before and got an email 2 days later saying “dear porn cookie4life, ur password “d*cklick” needs to be updated due to server/security issues. Like having fun with the little turds!

    1. BS Artist

      Problem is Kollette, once you do that they then know their email reached a legitimate address opening you up for a lot more spam.

  5. Kollette

    Haha BS ur right, but thats why i have 6 emails,1 for employment, 1 for social sites and friends and anything legitimate that i sign up for, 1 for all of my financial accounts, and 2 are strictly spam emails. Therefore they had the crap email to begin with, and on days that im bored i go thru the spam emails and send smarta$$ replies lol. All in good fun i guess, and thats why email addresses are free. Hehe

    1. BS Artist

      No worries Kollette, as long as you’re aware and have taken measures to protect yourself then I am more than happy. :drunk_tb:

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