Microword Corporations Sweepstakes Promotion

Man, it seems that scammers and phishing protagonists have pulled out all the plugs in an effort to score some dollars before years end. Maybe these lowlifes have a big New Years Party planned and need a little cash to fund it. I just got this one this morning. Apparently my email address won over 475,000 Euros and an Acer laptop, but unfortunately I have to pay for my own courier service delivery. :doh_tb:

Here is the email.








Welcome to Microword Corporation end of year promotions. We are pleased to inform you of the released results of Sweepstakes Promotion organized by Microword Corporations, in conjunction with the foundation for the promotion of software products, held this December 27th 2008, here in Zaragoza – Spain. Where in, your

peope search means money in the bankemail address emerged as one of the on-line Winning emails, in the 1st category and therefore attracted a cash award of four hundred and seven five thousand Euros (?475,000.00) and Acer laptop.

Your Acer laptop, Certificate of winnings and your cheque of ?475,000.00,
Will be sent to your contact address, as soon as all necessary verification as
been made, to confirmed your winnings.

Consequently, lucky winners are to pay for their courier services delivery.(Microword corporation only provides lucky winners with Acer laptop and thesum of ?475,000.00 only). To begin your claims, do file for the release of your winnings by contacting our MSFT Word Resource Foreign Transfer Manager via mail or by telephone.

Mr. Maurice Pascal

Email: mauricepas01@gmail.com

This Email Lottery is sponsored by Microword Corporation, And all the members of Spanish MSFT Word Resource Consortium Software Promotion Companies. This Internet E-mail draw is held periodically, And is organized to encourage the Internet users, And to promote computer literacy worldwide.



Sr. Femin Eloy Bermúdez.

Promotions Manager.

Msft Word Resource Zaragosa.

After doing a search I have found that there are versions of this email from as far back as 2005. It seems that the scam artists merely edit it to suit their own needs. The English in this particular version is, if I must say, a little poor. The link in the email appears legit although it’s not unreasonable that the site was developed just to lend credence to the scam although I wouldn’t put it past these vermin to use an honest site to front their scam.

Anyway, it’s an obvious phishing attempt and should be completely disregarded.

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  1. peter

    If I had truly won all the lotteries and competitions as claimed I would be a multi millionaire. I work on the basis if I didn’t buy a ticket or have one allocated, how could I win?

    1. fransie

      ow, i actually recieved 466.366,00 Euro and i didn’t pay nothing 🙂

      1. k'rel

        so fransie,
        be a brave one and show the world the copy of your bank account to prove that everyone else is stupid.

      2. BS Artist

        Yeah, I would like to see a copy as well.

  2. BS Artist

    Actually Pete, my dad reckons that he wins every week! He doesn’t buy a ticket so he figured the money saved are his winnings. Makes some sense.

  3. dr kamlesh ahirwal

    what the international legal actions have been taken ocver such scammers?

  4. BS Artist

    I think when they are caught they are persecuted, the thing is catching them.

  5. Sean

    Well, you got gyped!
    I would get 750,000 euros and a Toshiba laptop. :>)


    1. Gilraen

      I only won €200,000. Now I really feel ripped off LOL

  6. Constance Thomas

    I actually spoke with an Eric….I recieved the email the other day. So what I did I called and I spoke with him. I told him ” why won’t you just take the money out of my cheuque and send me my winnings. He said “They don’t know me” I replied back ” I don’t know you either”…. I also told him “You all contacted me I didn’t contact you. From there he went on to say that “People in Europe know about Microword” (all the while he kept slipping up and saying Microsoft).

    Here’s the number if you want it His name is Eric Manfred and the number used is (Edited Out)

    I want to catch these people anyway I can. Times are hard and you don’t play with peoples emotions like this….Everybody can use some extra cash.

  7. BS Artist

    Sorry, I had to edit that number out as it could have belonged to anybody.

  8. M Schlebaum

    I’ve received same kind of e-mail, during this times of credit crisis, some people will attend, because they could use the extra cash.

    They should track these people and take them for all they have.

    This is the email:

    YOUR EMAIL ID HAVE WON.MICRO WORD.COM CORPORATIONS,CUSTOMER SERVICE:MADRID SPAIN/ESPANA.APARTADO DE CORREOS 48, 28230 las Rozas,REFERENCE NO: MSFT-2008-X74-RSBATCH NO: MSFT-2008- GM-0221 OFFICIAL WINNING NOTIFICATION. Welcome to Microword.com Corporation end of year promotions, We are pleased to inform you of the released results of Sweepstakes Promotion organized by Microword.com Corporations, in conjunction with the foundation for the Promotion of software products, held this FEB 21th 2009, here in Madrid-Spain. Your email address emerged as one of the on-line Winning emails, in the 1st category and therefore You have been approved for a cash award 200,000.00Euros (TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND EURO) this is from a total cash prize of TWO MILLION EUROS Shared among the ten International winners in the 1st category. To begin your claim, do file for the release of your winning by contacting our Accredited agent: Foreign Transfer Manager MICRO WORD.COM CORPORATIONS.Mr. Eric Manfred.TEL: +34 -634-059-412 emails edited out NOTE: All winnings must be notarized to complete the claim process, This Email Lottery is sponsored by Microword.com Corporation, And all the members of Spanish MSFT Word Resource Consortium Software Promotion Companies. Remember your winning must be claimed not later than (07-03-09) after this date funds might be returned to the MICRO WORD RESOURCE MADRID This internet E-mail draw is held periodically, And is organized to encourage the use of the Internet users, And to promote computer literacy worldwide. Congratulations!!! Sincerely,Mrs. Roselyn Bermudez.Promotions Manager.

    1. BS Artist

      It’s obviously a version of the one I have posted and I think it is safe to assume that many more different versions exist. I am glad that you did not fall for it.

  9. Tova

    Haha, you all got nothing but the change in their pockets! I just got a e-mail saying I won 1500000 Euro and a Compaq laptop. Sure wish this was for real…

  10. Dave

    I received an e-mail as well. I’ll be forwarding the e-mail to boston@fbi.gov. is hopes that if they receive enough e-mail regarding these scams they’ll be able to begin investigating.

  11. BS Artist

    Great idea Dave, perhaps you could drop by and let us know if you get a response from them.

  12. peter petterson

    We all could be rich if…

  13. Martijn

    I also got an email, i won 477.00 euro’s. I send an email back what i must do, I mailed my phonenumber and they called me!! Also an Eric i believe, sayed that i had to pay for transfering. I said to him WHY?? He said that the money could not be transfered to my bankaccount. I also told him, take it of my winnings and transfer the rest, and so on, and so on,…….and then he talked fast by saying, I call you back later…and hang up. I looked at the time and saw that i spook to him nearly 5 minutes. I think that i would cost them to much to talk to me anymore. He never called me back. Case closed.

  14. Michael

    I got an email about it too, im from northern ireland so the FBI really couldnt be much help to me lol. I earned a wooping 1, 250, 000 euros and a laptop with an acccompanying mobile 🙁 wish these things could be taken to court and the people actually made to pay these sums of monies because they are just *insert swear words here*

    They make me so freakin’ angry !!! but glad none of you guys fell for the trick !! Do people actually fall for this?

  15. BS Artist

    I reckon they do Michael which is why this morons keep trying. I’m glad you didn’t fall for it.

  16. shima

    I got an e-mail simillar this mail , i want to understand i really wone in Sweepstakes
    Promotion organized by Microword Corporations, held in May 2009.

  17. mahbube

    I have recieved an email from mr. Bernard Sanchez that i have won 450000 euro and a toshiba laptop. How can i verify that its true or not?

  18. BS Artist

    @ Shima and mahbube, do honestly believe that someone you do not know would just give you that amount of money? Of course it’s not true, throw that email away.

  19. nima

    I have recieved an email same mahbube’s email

  20. BS Artist

    I hope you deleted it without replying nima?

  21. Terri Brown

    i got the same email 450,000.00 Euros and a ToshibaLaptop for me…arn’t i the lucky one!! you know these other scams that call you on the phone but you end paying for the call and a bunch of the charges goes to the person that called you, can’t we do this to them??

  22. BS Artist

    That would be nice wouldn’t it? I wouldn’t bother though, the best thing is to ignore them.

  23. Neda

    i got an email same mahbube is it true?

  24. Chris

    Just got one today.

    BATCH NUMBER: MSFT-2009- GM-008
    TICKET NUMBERS: 4,4,15,19,10,26


    We are pleased to inform you of the released results of Sweepstakes
    Promotion organized by Micro word Corporations, in conjunction with the
    Foundation for the promotion of software products, held on 17th october 2009, in
    Madrid, Spain. Your email address won a cash award of Four hundred and eighty
    eight thousand six hundred and twenty euro (€488,620.00)
    Contact Our Foreign Transfer Manager for claims.

    Mr. Fernando Sanchez
    Email: sanchezfernando03@yahoo.es

    Maria Juan Carlos.
    Promotions Manager.
    Msft Word Resource Madrid.

    My reply to them:
    I did some research on you guys. Please don´t contact me again unless you are willing to come over here and hand me the money in cash or check.

    Does it actually work for you guys?? I mean to tell people they won money doing nothing at all??

    Really just get out of bed early and get a proper job.

    Let´s see how they react.

  25. irene

    just got one today…
    after read all your remarks… i decide to… IGNORE it..
    jesus! i was thanking god that he really loves me so much and gives me this sweepstake… anyway, get the feeling that you win something is not bad.
    only too bad it’s not real..

  26. Caty

    Just got one today….thanks guys for all the info! Even though I don’t believe in this (there’s nothing FREE ever), it was just reassuring to read all your experiences. C.

  27. kim

    I’ve got two of these messages from two different people. i did a little research to and i found this, so thank for posting this

    1. BS Artist

      Thanks Kim, the fact that people are finding my posts and that it is helping them is a great comfort to me.

  28. Jan

    Wow, i just got an email i won 488,620.00 Euros

    and all i have to do is send an email back, well not in a 488,620.00 years


  29. Cassandra

    Just got one today, but with a logo in it from some kind of claim service. I have mailed them to get some answers. Dont think I’ll get any.
    AND the mail is in an image, so I can’t copy it to this post. But anyways…
    The same BS as the others said. Don’t believe it!!
    I sent them an email to erase my email adress from their list and if they sent me just one more email I would take it to court (just to scare them). Because I am from Holland and we have a law, that says that you can only sent emails like this with the permission from the receiver. So I haven’t asked or subscribed for this mail… 😀

    1. BS Artist

      It’s best to ignore emails such as this as once you’ve replied you’re simply telling them that they have a legitimate email address which will probably lead to other scam emails.

  30. Liz Abadie

    I received mine today – 11/10/2010 and I won 750,000 Euros (over $1.2 million in dollars). I called the Attorney General’s office here in Louisiana and would suggest that if you receive one of these, that you report it. Boy, what I could do with that kind of money!!!!

    1. BS Artist

      Did they have anything useful to tell you Liz?

  31. mark

    thanks for all the posts i had already emailed back asking how to claim,then researched them and found this site,feel stupid now,even though i knew it was too good to be true,was curiouse

    1. BS Artist

      Better to find out now before you get take for a ride Mark. Glad this post put you on the right track.

  32. cees From holland

    well i send them a letter that i am glad that i won the money becouse i need it for my project for poor children (what i have) in Thailand.
    And that the children are looking forward for new clothes and toys.
    (off course i did not tell the children). The replay? a copy of the letter i see many on this web-site. THEY DONT CARE ABOUT YOU OR CHILDREN. ALL WHAT THEY WANT IS FOR THERE OWN BENEFIT.


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