Barrister Andrew Fraser ESQ Is A Wanker


On behalf of the Trustees and Executor of the estate of Late Engr.Juriaan Kugger. I once again try to notify you as my earlier letter were returned undelivered. I wish to notify you that late Engr. Juriaan Kugger made you a beneficiary to his WILL. He left the sum of Thirty Million, One Hundred Thousand Dollars (USD$30, 100.000.00) to you in the Codicil and last testament to his WILL. This may sound strange and unbelievable
to you, but it is real and true. Being a widely traveled man, he must have been in contact with you in the past or simply you were nominated to him by one of his numerous friends abroad who wished you good. Engr. Juriaan Kugger until
The Rich Pom
death was a member of the Helicopter Society and the Institute of Electronic & Electrical Engineers. Please if I reach you as I am hopeful, endeavor to get back to me as soon as possible to enable me conclude my job. You are advice to contact me with my personal email:

Await your prompt response.96
Yours in Service,

What you have just read is an email I received today. This is so full of shit that it beggars belief that anyone would be stupid enough to fall for it.  All I can say is that Barrister Andrew Fraser is a wanker and if your stupid enough to even consider responding to this email, well you’re a bigger wanker than he is.


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  1. Toni

    lol yea I got this email as well and totally agree with you. Sad what the world’s come to that they think people will fall for these bogus emails and even sadder that some people actually do! Thanks for the post about it so that others might realize its fake.

  2. BS Artist

    It’s sadder that people actually fall for this sort of crap. Thanks for the comment Toni

  3. Steve

    Yes, I got one also. Apart from the obvious, the fact that the jerk can not seem to spell his own name is also a dead giveaway. Eg Andreaw Fraser was the spelling I got. I tell you though, there is always going to be some sap who will fall for this, as PT Barnum said – “there is one born every minute”

    1. BS Artist

      Man, I totally missed out on that. :doh_tb: :laugh_tb:

  4. J. Smit

    I also got this mail and I have made a try to identify them. What comes up: they are from Nigeria. So be carefull and don’t send anything and certainly not you ID !!

  5. Sathyaanarayanan

    I got an Email too, I really Dont understand, how such type of Stupids Exists….What He is trying to Benefit out of this..

  6. Lev

    This is a nigerian snatch – they tell you? you got millions, but they can’t transfer them to you and ask to open some bank account, put money (like $1000) on it than give them details and blah blah blah… You can even call them through some phone #. Well you end up whith no millions and a $1000 lost!

  7. Clasina

    Got one too, today. Same crap! Got a similar one about a year ago.
    Isn’t there some adress where we can notify this?

  8. Thea

    Got one to; he even included a copy of his ID 😉
    Sooow, i looked on the internet and found lots of posts like yours.
    If something sounds to good to be true, it usually is!
    Thanks for posting, hopefully people read this before paying anything!!

    1. BS Artist

      Thanks Thea, and I do post these in the hope that it saves people from being ripped off.

  9. Max

    He, he, got one as well:) Once I also had a message from guy who wanted to buy my PS2 which I was selling through e-bay. Jerk offered me double price and asked to send it to nigeria. Money should have been sent after I sent tracking number.Naive idiot, who would beleive in this shit:) I see that there is a lot of this kind of bullshit from nigeria.

    1. BS Artist

      Glad to see you were too smart to for that one Max.

  10. Bridget

    A few weeks ago I received this email and yesterday I got a reminder because I hadn’t responded to the first mail.

    My reaction was: By all means, do your job and send me the money!

  11. lucas

    i got the same mail today I see a lot of English names from people who replied. I come from the Netherlands , so I guess they are trying this in another country.

  12. Sue Howitt

    Got this one too, no self respecting law firm would send an e mail only to a benficiary, I have had five of these types of mail in the last few months.

  13. John McGillis

    i also got this message and i didnt now what the hell to think because i dont use these computers to much so i dont know what goes on on them but i wouldnt send my id well i dont even know how to do that anyways but i know enough to look these things up first so thanks

  14. Louise

    HaHA I have lik a houndred of these emails. but it’s so fun to play with them.. I just reply like this: How can I be sure? Do you have any proof that this isnt a joke or something?
    And If i’m going to help you I want 60% of the money 😀

    but its good that you post it here so others don’t fall for this trick 😀

  15. JohnM

    Wow! I cannot believe my luck! Not only have I won the national lotteries of Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands lately, but have also had money coming my way from Iraq, as well as several folk in Asia. Now this! Wow! Soon my fortune will rival Bill Gates’! 🙂

  16. Dan

    Haha, I also got this mail. I am travelling to London this week, so why just not pick up the money in person immediately? I’d like to meet that fella! LOL.
    Then it’s finding a nice villa in the surroundings, invite my friends and relatives over for a massive party, finally getting that Lamborghini and buying a few houses around the globe! All thanks to that sweet Juriaan Kugger. He was such a nice man! Of course I will donate to charity!

    Okay, enough for now…Time to get back into the real world.
    Wait: another mail just came in…-checking- Ah: how lucky can one be? I won the lottery as well! 😉

  17. Magnus

    Recieved it today to my german email account, they are everywhere, just like flies hovering over a pile of cow shit…

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