Wedding Plans?

For those who are already married, although you have fine memories of the wedding
many will remember what a hassle it was preparing for it. I would like to offer some hints for those planning  this memorable moment so that all your memories will be happy ones.
Probably the most stressfull part of the wedding is the financial aspect. The average cost for a 150-person wedding is about $25,000 the major portion of this being (up to 50%)  the reception. Traditionally the brides family would pay for the majority of the wedding, but today more and more of the groom’s families will pick up some of the tab.
It would be a good idea to talk to your families to see what part of the tab they are willing to pick up. You can bet your bottom dollar that most mom’s will insist on paying for the brides dress, it wouldn’t be too hard for the brides exitement to spill over to her parents. The groom may like to win the father over to help pay for the cars and it shouldn’t be too hard to get the parents to decide on a 50/50 split on the reception.
Choosing favors is always difficult but I have found that wedding cameras are a great choice. Not only would they make a good impression, but as many guests forget to bring their own cameras imagine how delighted they would be to not only receive this but to be able to record this memorable occasion. I have found the knot to  be  a great place to get   wedding cameras and other favors and also a one stop shop for all your wedding needs. They can help you with your budgeting stratagies, your checklist, even help you with your own web page so that your guests can get to know more about both of you, when and how you met etc, as well as supply details of the wedding itself.
A longer engagement will not only give you more time to plan the wedding, it will also give you time to save for those luxuries that go over and above what parents are willing to pay, especially the honeymoon. It would be good to put aside a portion of your pay every week as well as watching your spending. Instead of going out for meals you may like to eat in more often. There is absolutely nothing wrong with romantic meals at home.

For those planning the wedding I wish you all the best for the day and for the rest of your lives.

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