Unions Increasing Rift Between Employers And Employees

The way I see it the relationship between bosses and workers should be one of mutual respect. The bosses supply a job for workers and they in turn supply the labour. One can not work without the other. I know it’s true that there are some employers out there who take advantage of their employees, but then again there are many employees who abuse their relationship with their employers.

The problem with unions today is that they are one sided. They will only take the side of the employees and never listen to those who supply the work that keeps food on these peoples tables. Let’s face it if they are unable to run a profitable business they will either scale down, go broke or move overseas where labour is cheaper. They don’t want to do this but in many cases are left with no choice.

So when a union member comes to a representative with a grievance, I believe they should first look at the problem as an entirety before laying blame on the employer. I know of many cases where the employer was faultless and it was the slack employee who was at fault and yet the union would always wear blinkers and head down the road of persecuting the employer until their slack member was reinstated.

Let us also consider employees rights. Yes they have the right to a decent wage and work conditions, but do they have the right to continually screw the employers until they throw their hands up in disgust and look for greener pastures. Don’t forget that it is they who have taken the risk and invested millions of dollars to start the business, shouldn’t they have the right to making a profit. After all, no profit, no job.

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