A Woman Gives Expert Automotive Advice


Automotive advice

I am a male, with a lovely wife and I feel sorry for all those women living in what is still a man’s world and not getting a fair shake in life. This applies in many avenues of a women’s life, even when it comes to buying a car. The moment go into a caryard you know by the salesman’s attitude that he thinks he is going to walk all over you and that you are not going to get a fair deal. This really sucks and even happened to my wife. What is worse, when I went with her she was totally ignored as if she didn’t have a choice in the matter. The fact that it was her car didn’t seem to matter.

Thankfully someone has seen the plight of today’s women and decided to start a site that would give women expert automotive advice. A site run by women so that you can be assured you will be well looked after. So ladies, if you are looking for any sort of automotive, your search has come to an end.

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