Crows Wing It Over the Swans

Damn, why do people have to have birthday parties when the footy is on, and if they have to have it why don’t they stick on the TV. It is so un-Australian. Never mind, although I missed most of the game I am glad to say that the Crows were victoriuos over the Swans. The Crows were in front all four quarters although things got a little hairy in the third quarter when Sydney got to within eight points.

What I did see of the game, it seems that Neil Craig has got their fitness level way up. Where they have been know to run out of legs by the fourth quarter, they are now looking fit and strong.

Final Scores:

ADELAIDE 3.2 6.5 8.6 9.7 (61)

SYDNEY 0.4 1.6 5.10 5.14 (44)

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