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There are times when you have more than one blog when you figure should I post the same topic one of the other blogs. I do not see any problem in this as long as you do not just cut and paste it. Change some of the keywords and stuff and get as much exposure as you can. It is after all, all about exposure and every blog has it’s unique readers.

You know, you come up with a you beaut way of increasing your blog’s ranking and you put it out there for people to see, and you expect all this positive reaction, and when it doesn’t happen you think WTF! That’s my reaction to blog reviews which I have proven to be a positive way of increasing a blog’s rank and I am shocked that more people are not taking this on.

Seeing how I wasn’t flooded with the review offers I expected and knowing that there is a market out there for it, I thought about starting up a site that brought bloggers, who were interested in swapping reviews, together so that they could contact each other and discuss exchanging reviews. Wouldn’t you know it that someone has beaten me to it. For those intelligent bloggers who want to get up in the world rankings, join reviewback and meet up with like-minded bloggers.

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