The Story Of Thoof


“Gather ye round children for I, Sire, will today tell you of the legend of Thoof! “ There is sudden silence as the room heard if the sounding of the revered name of Thoof. They wait expectantly for the wizened old blogger to commence his story. He takes a sip from a mug of steaming brew and commences.

“It began in a time not so long ago, or so legend has it, when a group of Geeks,” he pauses as gasps of shocked awe emitted from the crowd at the mention of the word Geek, for they all knew that if it was not for the Geeks the world would still be in the dark ages. As the silenced returned the story unfolded. “Yes it was the Geeks who say the necessity for a personalized news facility it those days of long ago. For before Thoof, the world was sorely lacking and the multitudes craved for a better service from the Web.”

Sire pauses for effect and takes another sip from his brew. “Thoof, a word of great power but few know how it came upon its name. The founder, Alan Ren and was in a darkened smoke filled room arguing with co-founders on what to call this marvellous idea of Geekiness. Words flew from one to another and as it became extremely heated Alan in exasperation screamed at them ‘Oh to Thoof with it all, you bunch of lily livered windbags, will you let this great idea flounder all for the sake of a name?’ It was that mighty word that brought the meeting to order and as they recognized the power in the word all agreed that Thoof it should be called.”

“And so Thoof emerged on the Web, a technological marvel, complete with personalized algorithms and a feature enabling the throngs who subjected themselves to it greatness to use the ThoofRank Badge. Yes, and well you should gasp, for it was the advent of the ThoofRank Badge that enabled the world to see the greatness of those who contribute to Thoof. As we sit here sit here let as not forget all that is Thoof, and when you go home remember all that you have learned and make your mark on the world by contributing to Thoof so that one day your badge will also shine!”

With that the story ends, Sire his eyes gleaming has another sip and looks upon his audience wondering who the next Thoof wonder will be.

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