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When you consider the following heading, All Your Skillsets Are Belong To Us?, the first thing that comes to mind is that the guy is lacking a little in his English skills. Once you read a little further you come to realize the error in making such an assumption. The person writing this particular blog is obviously aimed at his interpretation of web design.

He claims, and rightly so, that many webmasters when deigning their web page go for the “flashing lights” lights effect, and where this may fulfil the innate desire of the webmaster it may not appeal to the web surfer. Normally these sorts of pages take too long to load or may tend to cause the surfer to have epileptic fits. Either way the visitor does not stay long.

He discusses a lot of other important factors such as, readability, accessibility, search friendliness, security and content. These topics can also be applied to many blogs. It is really a good read and just goes to show one should not judge a book by its cover, or in this situation a blog by its heading.

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