Rudd’s Ear Wax Diet Goes Global


Well, well well. It seems the day after I posted about Rudd’s gross habit of eating his own ear wax it hit Channel Nine’s Today show. It’s good to know that I scooped a major News service. But that is not all as it looks like PM hopeful had made it to the with the heading, Aussie MP Kevin Rudd Waxes Disgusting. Quite an amusing article but what got my attention is the last paragraph.

Some may argue that this was six years ago, and only happened once. But whether Rudd is a habitual ear wax user or merely a recreational one should be irrelevant. The question is whether a man with so little savvy for the cameras surrounding him is fit to hold his nation’s highest office. And that is a question Australians will have to answer for themselves.

Some of the comments are also quite interesting.

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