I Did A Guest Post On A Mates Blog

Yep, I was lucky enough to do a guest post on I’m Just Sharing, a blog that belongs to my blogging mate Mitch. Luckily for me he chose an easy topic, Why I Love Blogging, and I was able to supply a pretty decent post. I must admit that I liked Mitch’s introduction to the post and I found it quite amusing that Americans can find the title What A Lot Of Bullshit ‘questionable’. It sort of reminds me of the uproar in England when we had the “Where The Bloody Hell Are You” commercial.

If you head on over there, do ma a foavor and leave a comment.

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  1. Mitch

    It was a great post, Sire, and has had lots of reads thus far, so great job. It was muchly appreciated. As for sensibilities,… hey, we’re more repressed than people may think.

  2. Sire

    I’m glad it is doing so well Mitch. As for sensibilities, does our lack of make us free spirits. :doh_tb:

  3. Mitch

    Not sure if it makes you free spirits or anarchists! LOL

  4. Sire

    Heck, I’ll leave it up to the individuals to decide.

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