Mp3 Players, The Stuff Of The Future.

I still remember the times when there wasn’t such a think as transistor radios and when cassette players first came out they were big bulky things that only played mono and yet we thought we were the bees knees if we were lucky enough to get one for Christmas.

Things are so different today. Technology has advanced so far that many of the stuff we take for granted today was the stuff of science fiction authors all those years ago. Man, if I could take some Mp3 players back in time it would blow the mind of almost anyone I would show it to. I’m sure many would think iPods and the like would almost be magical that they wouldn’t believe their ears or their eyes.

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  1. HermanTurnip

    Ahh…good old Niven’s Law: “Any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology.”

    Saw that once on a T-Shirt. 🙂

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