Walk In Tubs A Breakthrough For The Elderly

Walk-in tub
Image by gemteck1 via Flickr

As we get older thing just don’t work as they once used too. I’ve heard of many situations where the elderly fall and injure themselves in the bathroom. They can slip while having a shower or even when getting in or out of the bathtub. Because of their age some elderly are not even able utilize a bathtub and are no longer able to complete the maneuvers necessary to gain entry and exit of the once prized tub.

There is a solution, one which will grant the elderly and those who are mobility challenged, something that they cherish, their independence.  The installation of one of a variety of walk in tubs can resolve so many issues in the bathroom and it would definitely be worth the outlay.

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  1. Brian D. Hawkins

    My father actually has that same exact tub. You can’t see it in the photo but a removable shower head makes things easier along with jets inside.

    1. Sire

      Hey Brian. I reckon it’s a great idea, and the removable shower head would be the icing on the cake 😉

  2. HermanTurnip

    Actually, a really great design that helps my grandparents. This is something that *I* hope to have when I get old.

  3. Shawn Smith

    I’m new to your site. I find this tub very useful for old age people… I mean this new invention will be great and surely prove its worth.. Hats off.

  4. Megan

    There are so many retailers out there that sell walk-in tubs. My father needed a more friendly tub in which he did not have to step up. I ended up purchasing a Bocca Tub from Total Focus II. The prices were so reasonable and the tub came with a life-time warranty on everything. The tub was installed very quickly and it is a beautiful addition to our bathroom now. If you are interested in Total Focus II Bocca Tubs call Paul Anderson at 913-871-9274.

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