Stotts College A Multicultural Haven For Students

Studying in Melbourne: A Student’s Perspective

One of the best things about studying in Melbourne is the multicultural environment. There are people from all cultures and backgrounds, this is a very accepting and tolerant place. There are communities from every background, as well as the College, can support you in your studies.

Melbourne is home to picturesque beaches in St Kilda during summer and warm cosy cafe’s for study and some of Australia’s best coffee. One thing Melbournians love about this city is the coffee, they’re obsessed!

Stotts College has a Bachelors of Business to cater for Australia’s massive economic growth and resources boom. Australia needs skilled workers to help grow their country so it only seems natural that I chose Stotts College to put me in the best possible position for success in Australia.

There are plenty of work experience opportunities in metropolitan and regional areas. Stotts College also have a wide range of courses, including Hospitality, Community Services and Accounting, including Business Management. Stotts College is also located in the CBD and Carlton, so it’s easy to get around and find accommodation thats close to the college.

Melbourne also has lots of parks for exercise, playing cricket and enjoying the sunshine.

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