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As you all know I have quite a few blogs. Thirteen to be exact! This particular blog was my first blog. If you were to go back and view the early posts you’d see just how far I have progressed as a blogger. I would be the first to admit that my early posts were pretty crappy 😀

The problem with having so many blogs is that it’s pretty hard to maintain them all. However I have learned that out of all my blogs the ones producing the most income are my lotto blogs, Buy Online Lottery Tickets and Get Online Lottery Tickets. Too bad I didn’t realise all those years ago how good a niche blog those two blogs would turn out to be.

Out of all my blogs there are three categories that are bringing a lot of traffic. For WassupBlog that category would have to be Friday Funnies. Friday Funnies is a weekly post that goes live every Friday. As of this post I’ve written 181 Friday Funnies posts.

On my EZ eSports Betting blog the most popular category would be Hot Sports Babes! I decided on writing about Hot Sports Babes because who doesn’t like looking at hot sportswomen right?

Because the Fridays Funnies posts have turned out to be so popular I started a Sports Jokes category on Sports Betting Sites. Un fortunately there aren’t as many really funny sports jokes as In would have hoped.

While my Sports Betting blog hasn’t started making any serious money yet I do have high hopes for it.

Something that is making me some money is my YouTube Channel. My latest video is trying to break into the very popular ‘Funny Dog Videos’.  You can see it below.

There’s a whole lot of funny dog compilations on YouTube but not all the dog videos in those compilations are funny. Which is why I thought I would give it a shot. That plus I wanted to test my latest Final Cut Pro X software. I think it came out pretty good. What do you think? If you got a kick out of it I’d love for you to “Like” it for me. 😉


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