Porosa Trail Great Way To Lose Weight

They say walking is a great tool for losing weight. I didn’t discover this to be true until my kids bought me a Fitbit Charge HR for my birthday. Thing with me is that I didn’t want to just take those leisurely walks like I see so many people doing. Sure a leisurely walk is better than nothing but I felt that if you want to lose serious weight you need to push yourself. That being the case I needed to find a serious walking trail.

Lucky for me I live close to Cobbler Creek. Cobbler Creek has a lot of walking trails as well as bike trails some of which are shared trails. On of those trails is the Porosa Trail. The Porosa hiking trail is only about 3.5 k’s in length but it all depends on how you go about it.

Highlights Of The Porosa Trail

The video above is some of the highlights of one of my Porosa Trail hikes. I’ve found along the Porosa Trail that at times there are several different routes that you can take. That video shows what I feel are the best routes for the Porosa trail. All in all from the Smith Rd entrance and back it was a 11k round trip.

You’ll find the following link to be a great explanation of how great a fitness motivator the Fitbit truly is. There are a whole lot of Fitbits available which makes it easy to find one suited for the individual.

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