My Last Five YouTube Videos

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Hitting it big on YouTube is never going to be easy. At least not as easy as it was when YouTube first went live. The problem now is there is so much competing videos out there because over 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. I’m sure that YouTube also favours their top creators by listing them above others in most searches. Unfortunately, that puts the rest of us down the bottom of the heap.

Importance Keywords

They say keywords are crucial for getting your video up there in peoples searches. You need to have them in your description as well as in your title. I reckon using keywords that link to those videos outside of YouTube is bound to boost the placement of the videos when people search for them. Both on Youtube as well as Google searches. It’s times like these when I’m grateful for having so many blogs 😉

My fifth YouTube video should have been my first, as it was all about Introducing My Bonzer Channel. I was pleased with that video. Check it out and let me know what you think.

My fourth video was about Spectacular Aussie Trees and a Short Story about the last tree. It was this video that introduced my videos to the fact that my videos will now always be deaf and hearing impaired friendly!

My third video is Tony & Mark’s Grazing table review. There aren’t many of these videos on YouTube, so I should rank well when someone does search for it using those keywords.

My second video the Sicily Pizzeria e Bar review Adelaide Restaurant Review. While there are restaurant reviews on YouTube very few creators, have reviewed Sicily Pizzeria.

The last video I uploaded has had more views than the previous four, even if you lumped them all together. That video was Hot Female Cyclists Hot women wearing lycra! You should seriously check that one out so you can see what has made it so popular!

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