What Gets Views On YouTube

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what gets views on YouTube

Have you ever wondered what gets views on YouTube? Well, after my last post sex sells on YouTube, it goes without saying that anything that refers even a tiny little bit of anything sex orientated always gets a lot of views on YouTube. This is a significant advantage to many female YouTubers who use their feminine attributes for getting heaps of YouTube Views.

What Gets Views On YouTube Regarding Women

One of my most recent YouTube videos shows three examples what gets views on YouTube. The title I gave to that video is Getting Views On YouTube! You can click that link, or you can watch the video below.

Not only does that video show you three examples of beautiful women flaunting their feminine wares to get views, but it also shows you how many views each video has and how long it’s taken to get those views.

What I find amazing is that two of those videos are monetised! It seems that in these particular cases YouTube isn’t at all worried about upsetting advertisers because of the video content. I find this¬†amazing considering how they demonetised several of videos because they thought they were too sexy for advertisers. Not that it matters anymore now that YouTube has changed the rules and demonetised my channel.

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