Cashing In On The People Search Market

Those of you who are my regular readers would realize that although I post a lot of what is wrong with the world I also like to mix things up a bit by adding news articles, jokes and anything else that comes to mind that I find interesting.

As you all know there are a lot of Internet scams out there and I post about it here every time I come across one. Having said that I’ve also discovered that there are a lot of legitimate ways to make money on the net, and I post about a lot of those on WassupBlog.

My latest post over there, about the potential to make money on the search for people phenomena is all about one such system which I think could be a real winner. Did you know that 30% of Google searches are people search related? There’s lot’s of reason that people resort to Google, it could be anything from finding a long lost friend to that asshole that skipped town without paying what he owed you.

Is it a scam? I don’t think so, partly because Tissa Godavitarne, the guy that started it all goes so far as to paste his IRS Form 1099, required by law to report income, on the Net as well as giving contact details. As you know most scam artists publish false details so that they can not be traced.

They have a forum that very busy, and they are all out to help each other, paying it forward, and you may find that this complete Beginners Guide may provide some useful information as to how it works and how dedicated they are.

Anyway, I’m giving it a whirl and although there is a free option I’ve decided to go for the paid version, only 10 bucks per month which is basically a hosting package via Global Domains so that I could have my own domain, thereby giving me added advantages for promotion, such as choosing the right keywords. I urge you to take a look at my people search engine Sires People Search, so that you can see exactly what I am talking about. Don’t worry the landing page is completely harmless and I won’t make a dime from you having a look.

Like I said, I’ve only just started promoting this, and I wouldn’t even be promoting it if I thought it was suss, but if I find that it’s not completely legit you can be assured that I will be posting about it.

If you have any questions please leave a comment.

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  1. Mitch

    I hope it works out for you, Sire, but just so you know, even 1099’s can be faked. But I hope this one’s real, and I’ll be checking your progress.
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Pot Odds In Internet Marketing =-.

    1. BS Artist

      I’m sure it can Mitch. You know me though, I don’t go into these things lightly. I’ve checking their forum and there’s a lot of helpful people there.

      I could have gone for the free version, but so far all it’s cost me is another hosting package, which has it’s own possibilities. Only time will tell.

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