Tammy Franks Abortion Bill

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I've never been one to like the Green's policy, but nothing has upset more than Tammy Franks Abortion Bill amendments. You can read Tammy Franks Abortion Bill amendments here. Tammy…

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Sex Sells On YouTube

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I sometimes wonder about both Google and YouTube and the advertisers they represent. I learned on my Wassupblog that Google doesn't like blogs that have images which they feel are…

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YouTube New Monetisation Rules Suck

Why YouTube New Monetisation Rules Suck YouTube New Monetisation Rules Suck, why? In case you haven't heard, from February 20th, 2018 YouTube has changed the rules for all YouTube creators.…

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Best Grammar App

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In case you're wondering about who had the best grammar app, I want to tell you all about Grammarly. I've been a blogger for years, and I've always thought my…

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Morality A Dying Concept

Is morality a dying concept? I ask this because I was just over Mitch's blog reading his post on World Society And Social Media. Mitch talks about some 22 year…

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Political Bullshit

I am so sick of the political bullshit. There is so much political¬†bullshit flying around that it's surprising that they continue to get away with it. The latest political bullshit…

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