Liberals Knife Tony Abbott In The Back

It was over almost as quickly as it started. All in the space of a few hours we lose Tony Abbott as our Prime Minister as the Liberals turf him out in favour of Malcolm Turnbull. You may recall I wrote about how Kevin Rudd was knifed in the back some 5 years ago.This surprised a lot of Australians but not as surprised as when they shoved Julia Gillard out of the way and put Kevin Rudd back in!

Many Aussies were left with that WTF feeling. The Liberals used it as a bit of a platform by saying how unfair it was going behind the electoral’s back by putting in someone who wasn’t voted in my the people. They said that would never do the same thing. And here we are 5 years later with a brand new Prime Minister, one that one again we did not vote it.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Malcolm Turnbull and I’ve always said that he would make a great Prime Minister. What I have an issue with is the way they all went about it. To me the whole thing stinks of subterfuge. We all know they’re has been a hell of a lot of leaks of late. Leaks that were meant to undermine the Government, the one being under Tony Abbott’s leadership. One has to wonder if the whole thing was intentional. Leak enough bullshit to make him look bad. Do it long enough to ensure bad polls. Using those same polls as an excuse to give Abbott the old heave ho!

Sorry, but as far as I am concerned this is just another form of political bullshit. I’ve been talking to a few people and they are so disheartened by what has just happened. Some ask what is the point of it all? Why the hell should we go through all the trouble of voting for someone when their party can go behind Australia’s back by putting in someone of their own choosing? A few even stated that at least now we know who was behind all the leaks.

Malcolm Turnbull himself literally calls his actions bullshit in his remarks to the House of Representatives after the knifing of Rudd!

The betrayal of you as leader of your party was one of the most shocking events I have ever witnessed, and I would think any of us have ever witnessed, in politics—the scale of it. The idea that the man who had won, in this presidential campaign, an election against John Howard was then going to be disposed of, discarded like another course on a lazy Susan in a Vietnamese restaurant—the cruelty of it was extraordinary!

Seems to me that either Malcolm Turnbull has forgotten those words or he just doesn’t care!

Julia Bishop Malcolm Turnbull bullshit

So, what is the possible ramifications of Malcolm Turnbull’s overthrow of the Prime Minister that Australians chose? I’m very afraid that many may show their displeasure by voting the Liberals out in the next election. Labor will win and Australia may never recover from another 4 years under Labor. Remember how they squandered all that money under Rudd. It’s because of them that we’re in the position we’re in today. It’s because of them that the Liberals have not been able to revive the economy as much as they had planned to.

Sorry, it’s not all Labor’s fault. We also have the Greens and the wankers in the Palmer United party to thank for it. The problem is that even with Turnbull behind the reins the Liberals still have to deal with those morons that won’t pass the bills needed to get our economy up and running.

Unfortunately for Australians there are only two major parties that can rule, the Liberal National coalition and Labor. Because of last nights fiasco Labor could win by default. Faithful Liberal supporters could well vote for the minor parties to teach ‘them’ a lesson. It wouldn’t take much of a swing to kick the Liberals out and put Labor back in. Then very Labor that those who have any sense can see is run by the Unions. No wonder they’re trying as hard as possible to put a stop to the Trade Union Royal Commission.

The problem for Turnbull is he only has a year before the next election. The question is, can he do enough to appease the electorate enough so they forget the injustice they feel by having another leader removed without their prior consent.

Media Is Also To Blame

Let’s not forget the media because the media is also to blame.From the day Tony Abbott was elected the media has been out to get him. There was one character assassination after another. It doesn’t matter what Tony Abbott did the media always looked for the negative. Even when there was no negative to be found they would twist shit just so they could make him look bad.

I just hope Australians think twice before voting Labor in. I just can’t trust a political party that is so entwined with Union bosses!

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