The Melbourne Cup The Race That Stops A Nation

Yep, that is exactly how they promote this so called “Australia’s Most Famous Tuesday.” It occurs every year on the first Tuesday in November and has been doing so ever since 1877. It’s so important that they have made it a public holiday in Melbourne and the only ones going to work are the poor bloody horses.

So let’s think about it, does the nation actually stop because of a damn horse race? Are you kidding, Aussies aren’t that stupid. Yet there are a hell of lot of Aussies that will stop what they are doing to see which nag actually wins, so much so that it amazes me. These are some of the things that have been reported to happen due to this so called important race.

  • Patients who have been waiting for years for elective surgery have canceled appointments because it fell on Melbourne cup day.
  • Doctors stop in the middle of surgical procedures to watch the race. One doctor actually sewed his winning ticket into a patient.
  • Police in hot pursuit let the criminal get away in order to catch the race at the nearest pub.
  • Normal people tear their hair out because there is nothing on TV except BS about Melbourne Cup Day
  • Women from all over converge at the Flemington Race track with the most outrageous hats and outfits and have the audacity to call it fashion
  • Teachers bring TV’s to school so that they can watch the race during their class
  • Judges call for an adjournments
  • The pubs and restaurants make big bucks fleecing their patrons by hosting Melbourne Cup luncheons.
  • A lot of people lose big bucks
  • Some people make big bucks

Personally I think its all a pile of BS and the Nation certainly does not stop just because of a stupid horse race. Everything goes on as normal unless you live in Melbourne that is.

I’m sure I am not the only one that feels that the Melbourne Cup is a load of bull. Leave a comment if you either agree or disagree.


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