Valentines Day A Load Of BS

I reckon that Valentines Day is one of the biggest load of BS that has turned out to be a really big commercial money spinner. If you were to look back into it’s origins you would find that no-one is really sure to which Saint this commercial rip off day is attributed to.

Some say that it all began when a priest defied the Roman emperor Claudius II around 270. This emperor thought that single men made better soldiers so he outlawed marriage. Valentine a priest of the time thought this edict a lot of BS so he continued to marry them in secret. He was unfortunately caught by the Romans and was later put to death. Other legends say that he fell in love with the jailers daughter and before he was executed he wrote her a letter and signed it, “from your Valentine.” Do you believe that?

Anyway while he paid for it by being forced to depart the realm of mortality, men of the modern realm are having to pay for it every February the 14th. If any man currently tied to a woman, whether it be in matrimony or the guise of courtship, dare forgets to come up with some form of Valentines gift, there would be all hell to pay. There are many ways that women over the years have devised to pay men back for their forgetfulness or lack of romance and these may include the following;

  • The silent treatment
  • Sleeping on the couch
  • Cooking ones own dinner
  • Withholding sex
  • Verbal abuse, and some may even go as far as physical abuse

Of course the list goes on and I will gladly accept any other means that men have come across via the comments.

How can they be so cruel? After all do we as men berate them if they were to forget? And let’s face it, men have a whole lot of other things that occupy their minds, like remembering anniversaries and birthdays, getting the booze for the mates when they come over to watch the footy, getting up for work and remembering to pay for all the bills. Really important things, certainly more important than having to work out which store owner’s pocket they have to fill and what gift they can buy to appease their loved ones insatiable desire for romance.

I would like to add just one little thing, and that is if I knew that I would get laid at least every Valentines Day, then I would not only support it 100% but I would also look forward to it.

Actually, speaking about sex, if you have to get a Valentine gift, why not something sexual that you can both enjoy. Then again perhaps you would rather watch a couple of videos, one showing you how to score and the other how to feel sexy on Valentine’s Day. Or, if you want some hints on getting the perfect gift you should check out The Gifts Guru.

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  1. Bettina


    yeah, I’m sure a lot of blokes would play along if they were guaranteed to get laid too.

    Oh and not all women buy into the whole VD bullshit either. I didn’t get my hubby anything, didn’t expect anything and didn’t punish him for not getting me anything either. 😉

  2. BS Artist

    Spoken like a true Aussie Shiela. I knew there was still hope for this world. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  3. Anne Maybus

    hahahahahaha! Now if she was guaranteed to get chocolates and champagne every Valentine’s Day you probably WOULD get laid. Great post and better luck next year. 😉

  4. BS Artist

    I would guarantee both the chocs and the champagne for a good romp in the sack. As for better luck next year, one can only hope. 😉

  5. penpusher

    I love this post! You are hilarious. I totally agree with you, V-day is absolutely over rated!

  6. BS Artist

    Why, thanks so much penpusher, now I just have to work what sex you are, because if your a bloke I would expect that reaction, but if you are a sheila, then I reckon you must be pretty grouse 😉

  7. Sheryl

    We have Valentines day everyday at my house. Well, everyday is same so…why not make it sound special.
    Brad may or may not bring in something special on Feb. 14th. But, he always knows when one of us girls needs a pick-me-up and comes in with a candy, a plant, makes a special dinner, a cutesie something or other… So, that works.
    .-= Sheryl´s last blog ..Read Write Web IS the NEW Facebook =-.

    1. BS Artist

      Now that is what it’s all about and it shouldn’t just happen on one particular day of the year.

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