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My Kitchen Rules
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Those of you who are regular readers of this blog know that I’m not the greatest fan of reality TV and My Kitchen Rules is no exception. I don’t care what people say and I don’t care how many people love the show I find it to be absolute crap. Tonight the wife is forcing me to watch it and it happens to be the one with the two guys from Queensland, Peter a former prosecutor and Gary a former GP.

I have to tell you I’ve watched commercials of the program and these two guys always seem to come across like two stuck up wankers that think they know everything they need to know about cooking. Unfortunately for me I’m the sort of bloke that likes to critique the crap out of some programs that I watch and tonight’s My Kitchen Rules is supplying me with heaps of ammunition, much to the wife’s disgust. Oh well, she’s the one that wanted me to watch it 😀

Although the judges seem to like the entree, some tart with tomato, gruyere cheese and some sort of mustard the rest of the contestants didn’t think much of it. Then came the main course, one that apparently took three hours to prepare. I have to admit watching the other contestants eat the menu, parsley leaves and threatening to turn to cannibalism out of sheer hunger did provide a bit of mild entertainment. SHIT! Three hours to prepare the main. In reality most people I know would have left the restaurant hours ago, never to return. As for the meal itself, it didn’t look too bad on the plate, I have no idea what it tasted like but certainly doesn’t look worth the wait.

It’s commercial time and I’m just waiting to see what their desert is like. This is absolute murder to watch and the wife is being relentless about letting me leave the room. I sure wish I knew what her problem is. It’s not like I forgot a Valentines gift, or maybe a hundred bucks of roses isn’t considered enough. Or maybe it was and she somehow thinks this is some sort of reward. She is so mistaken and I’m not game enough to suggest that we remove ourselves to the bedroom for some real action as she actually seems to be enjoying it.  Ah, it’s on again, too late to slice the wrist, it’s time to grit my teeth and put up with it.

Dessert: Poached pears sauterne with two sauces. Watching these guys prepare the dessert and patting each other on the back is pretty sickening. I don’t know what the other contestants are but I would hate to think that they are as up themselves as these two guys. One word that comes to mind if asked to describe these guys is arrogant.

Scoring time and these guys still think that their food is better than everyone else. I think they are up for a rude shock as most of the contestants are giving them 4’s and 5’s. The only thing that can virtually save their bacon, which wasn’t a part of the menu 😉 is the judges score.

  • Guest score 24/50
  • Judges 39
This gave them a score of 63 and all I can say is that I am glad to see the end of it. I certainly don’t feel a compulsion to watch it again, at least now while I’m sober 😉
So, tell me guys, how many of you people actually watch this crap. Hey, don’t be scared to tell the truth because I’m sure that I’m in the minority.
OH NO! Now the wife is watching Please Marry My Boy! Now this is way, way too much. It’s OK honey, I’ll be right back…….yeah right!
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  1. peter petterson

    I don’t know this show mate. it probably has been on in New Zealandbut i don’t really go for those shows anyway. Maybe I lack a real sense of humour or I don’t like the inanities on TV.

    1. BS Artist

      Neither do I Pete but I didn’t have a choice this time :wink_ee:

  2. Samantha

    Hair tied back,washed hands,sneeze away from the direction you are cooking or preparing food,shirt if you are a guy…no chest hair in the food please.Wash hands again each time you handel raw meat or packages.

  3. Heide

    I would hate to think that they are as up themselves as these two guys. One word that comes to mind if asked to describe these guys is arrogant.

  4. Larry

    What you should do is pretend the episode is a repeat (even if it’s an all-new episode), and constantly threaten to reveal what’s going to happen next: “Watch, so-and-so is about to…” She’ll banish you to another room in no time.

    1. BS Artist

      I actually I do that all the time about most programs we watch. It really pisses the family off, especially when it’s a program we’ve never seen before. :lol_ee:

  5. Mark

    Hey that’s the joy of being married to watch what she likes once in a while. Come on how much rubbish do we subject them too? I do agree though some of these programs need getting rid of for good. Come on this reality TV is nothing like reality. It is staged and managed better than a game show in some respects.

    There are lots of lives situations that could be made into really good reality TV shows like say one about strippers trying to succeed. Now how high do you think the ratings would be for a show of that nature? I think it is some where in the Alpine region that has a reality TV show about losing your virginity where they have actors act it out. Now I know that show goes of the scales for ratings, funny thing is it is even shown before water shed.

    1. BS Artist

      All good points Mark, and I do subject myself to watching stuff with her occasionally but heck there is only so much one guy can stand Besides, I don’t give he all that much grief. :wink_ee:

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