You Can Bet At The Melbourne Cup With Betfair

2007 Melbourne Cup, Derby day
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Yep, it’s getting close to that time when the nation stops for a horse race. That’s right I am talking about the Melbourne Cup, and while a lot of people make a fuss about what the women are wearing and all that BS the serious punter just want to be able to place a bet.

The thing with placing a bet is that you want to get the best odds because the better the odds the more money you stand to make. This is where Betfair comes in as they reckon they offer 20% better odds. There is also a bonus for joining up as once you deposit money into the account and placed your first $50 worth of bets you will receive $50 withing 24 hours and that is whether you lose or win your bets. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

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