Tammy Franks Abortion Bill

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I've never been one to like the Green's policy, but nothing has upset more than Tammy Franks Abortion Bill amendments. You can read Tammy Franks Abortion Bill amendments here. Tammy…

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Cancer Therapy Imugene

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This post is my second post on Imugene's cancer therapy regime. You can see the first one on their cancer therapy here. As per the last post, I'm pasting the email…

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Beware Gifting Scam – Courier Scam

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I received the following email which was supposed to be sent by the VeteranWeb. While I couldn't find any reference of this gifting scam on their site the email looks…

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Political Bullshit

I am so sick of the political bullshit. There is so much political¬†bullshit flying around that it's surprising that they continue to get away with it. The latest political bullshit…

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