Latest Labor Bullshit Spin

I get it. I really do! The Liberals have revealed their budget and there are a lot of people who are unhappy about it. Naturally this is not helped by the Labor party who continue to shovel loads of bullshit out there to add fuel to the fire of discontent. Like the latest commercial that I just watched on TV.A commercial that they so conveniently posted on YouTube. One that is titled You’ll PayFor Abbotts’s lies.

It makes me laugh when you have one bunch of politicians call another bunch of politicians liars. Sort of like the pot calling the kettle black. It’s even funnier when their followers believe everything they say. Most probably know it’s all bullshit but they’re willing to follow their lead as long as it helps to fuel their dislike for whatever policy the Liberals have. At the moment it’s all aimed at Abbott and the current budget.

Let’s look at Labors latest pile of bullshit propaganda shall we?

No Cuts to health: Labor says he lied because it’s going to cost $7 every time you visit the GP and that the cost of medicines will now increase! OK, I know I’m splitting hairs but technically he hasn’t made any cuts to health. As far as having to pay the GP, I’ve always paid my local GP. I don’t ever remember getting a free visit. One has to ask, how often do you go to the GP? Three or four times a year. Hardly sounds like a big impost. Especially if it helps to put Australia on the right footing.

No Cuts In Education: According to the commercial he lied and thirty billion dollars have been cut from schools. I’m not sure that Labor is actually telling the truth when they make such a blanket statement. It seems to me that Liberal isn’t actually cutting $30 billion but refusing to honour Labours Gonski’s grand vision. Something that probably would never have gotten through even if Labor had won. As for the way the Uni debts and costs have changed, I still haven’t made my mind up about that.

No Change To Pensions: I’m not too fussed about the retirement age rising to 70. It’s not going to take place until 2035 so will give us plenty of time to get ready for it. Besides, if I remember correctly Labor was going to lift it to 67 and I don’t remember the shit hitting the fan when that was announced. It seems to me that as we all get to live longer we can’t expect tax payers to continue to pay for our retirement. How will the country be able to bear that? I thought that was the whole idea of having superannuation, so that we didn’t have to rely on a pension?

Getting Rid Of Taxes and Not Imposing New Taxes: Yep, he’s reintroduced the fuel levy, something, if I remember correctly, Howard got

rid of. Something Howard was able to get rid of because of Liberal good management that put the country in the black. Unfortunately we are no longer in the black and we’re going to have to pay 1 cent a litre to help us get back in the black. I think I can afford that.

The video finishes off by saying, “You’ll Pay For Abbotts Lies.” In actual fact, it’s not the lies we’re paying for, it’s Labors ineptitude that we’re all paying for.

When Rudd took over in 2007 there was about $45 billion in the government coffers. When he left in 2010 there was an estimated debt of over $49 billion! So, in three years he managed to blow $94 billion! As of 28th February  2014 the gross government debt is $300,628,000,000. That’s over $300 billion! I couldn’t find the actual interest rate on that debt but I heard it was about $19 billion a year. That’s just interest alone.

The problem is we’re in a bad fiscal situation and it was Labor that put us there. Strange that they never mention that. They keep talking about our triple A credit rating. Too bad that does’t pay our interest rate.

Yes the budget sucks and yes Abbott has broken some promises. What would you prefer? That we continue to go into debt until the point of no return? It seems to me we don’t really have a choice. Something had to be done.

Having said that if I was Abbott I would add one thing to the budget. I would apologise to all Australians for Labor’s mismanagement. I would tell them that I didn’t realise how big the debt was and that until I was able to fix the budget I would have to postpone the parental leave scheme.

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