What Should Happen To Those Who Started The Villawood Riots

I did a post a short while ago called Should Australia Accept All Boat People As Asylum Seekers? and I ended that post with the following;

I have no objection accepting them as genuine asylum seekers once they have been fully processed, but until then I expect them to behave in a peaceful manner

Why was I not surprised when I woke up to hear that rioters had torched the Villawood detention centre? Perhaps where they come from violence is the accepted solution when things don’t go their way but it’s definitely not the right thing to do if you’re wanting to be accepted into Australia. It appears that the riot was spurred by rejected asylum seekers, but what I want to know is why these people who had their claim rejected allowed to stay with the general population where they could fuel this riot with their anger at not getting their way?

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The fault would have to rest with the current government whose weakened policies allowed the large influx of boat people. I understand that they do not like to be kept incarcerated in detention centres but they have to understand that they have entered our shores illegally and they have to be processed before they can be accepted as refugees. A process that would probably go a lot faster if they had not destroyed all their papers before coming here. What’s with that anyway, I mean what have they to hide?

Also, it must be awful to be kept behind laser wire but surely its better than the country they are running away from, a country where they feared for their lives? As awful as it must be I’m sure they are better off than all the homeless Australians who have no idea where their next meal is coming from? At least they have a roof over their heads, access to food, a computer room,  and a medical centre. At least they did before the rioters torched the computer room, kitchen and medical centre.

They want to be treated humanely and yet they act like animals throwing roof tiles and whatever else they could find at fire fighters and policemen. How fortunate for them that they are in Australia because had they acted in such a manner in their homeland I’m sure their government would not be so lenient with them.

I only hope that those behind the riots are dealt with swiftly and that they are not allowed refugee status. We do not need people who take the law into their own hands every time things do not go their way.

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