A Lottery Ticket For Christmas Is A Great Stocking Filler

Have you ever bought someone a gift and thought that it wasn’t quite enough or perhaps you just don’t know what to buy and just wanted to slip something in a card? Wel, perhaps a Lottery Ticket would do the trick and imagine the look on their face if it just happened to be a winning ticket.

I have been a member of Oz Lotteries for a little over a year now and I joined by using their free $5 account, where I was given $5 just for joining, and they are still actually running this promotion. Although I have had several small winning tickets I am still waiting for the big one.

I originally joined because most times I missed out on buying a ticket because I didn’t get time to go to the local newsagent but now that I can do it online that is no longer a problem. I also like the fact that they email you the results and it is so easy to check your tickets online as they highlight all the winning numbers on your actual ticket. You can also get your your lotteries results witout accessing your account.

They now have another promotion where new members get two free games upon joining, which is also a pretty cool offer.

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