The Awakening

As I lie on the ground
Gazing at the myriad of stars
Thinking how insignificant I am
What am I but a mote in the universe?

I leave no mark on this world
Like the ripples of a pebble
Falling in a calm lake
I am born and then I die
Leaving not a trace

From dust to dust
The finality of life
Would be eternal
Were it not for the memories
Memories of loved ones left behind

Awakening as realisation dawns
Mine is not what I do for myself
But what I can do for others
The Lord is my Shepard
I shall not want
His Word more than food
Filling the void within me

As I lie on the ground
Gazing at the myriad of stars
I wonder at the Glory of God
Who counts me among His children
My life a void fulfilled
When I am a beacon
That shows others the way

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  1. Sire

    Actually David although my first ever poem was to my wife some twenty years ago I really started to play around with poetry a couple of years ago. I don’t really stick to a theme, they range from spiritual, satirical and nonsense poems. I wish I was a better poet but unfortunately I am what I am. 😆

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