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I just got this email today and whilst it sounds like a really good deal I reckon it’s a whole lot of bullshit. Why? Because it just sounds too good to be true. Who in their right mind would pay between $15-$25 to process an individual email when they could employ someone that much per hour to process a whole heap more. And then they ask for $15 to start you off, oh and you will get that back from the first email you process. Yeah, right. Like I said it’s total BS!
So if you get this email, do what I did, junk it.
You’ll experiencing this Payment Notification Everyday!
Dear Profit Seeker,
How Many Emails Can You Process A Day?
If you can process 30 a day,
you’ll earn $750.00 every day!
Earn $15.00$25.00 For Every Email You Process!
You Are Guaranteed To Get Paid Instantly For Each
Email You Process! This is an easy, profitable opportunity
to earn $1000’s every week from home. No experience required.
It’s True! This really works!
How much money could you make? The amount of money
you can make is virtually unlimited and is determined by
how much work you put into this program. You will get
paid $15 – $25.00 per e-mail you process daily and there
is no limit.
When you first start this program an average user should
be able to make a conservative $100-$800 or more weekly
working only 2-3 hours a day!
Click Here To Get your Cash! (Link Removed)
Start making extra money this week!
Best Regards,
Your Trusted Online Partners
P.S…Expect this notification arrive in your inbox in the next
couple of minutes after joining.
Notification of Payment Receive
Notification of a Cleared eCheck Payment
This notification arrive in your inbox daily.

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  1. Sire

    This one was an oldie? Heck, I reckon that they must have missed me the first few times around. Reckon I was lucky huh?

    Sires last blog post..The Meaning Of Life In A Poem

  2. Mitch

    Yeah, that one’s been around for a good long time; maybe it’s just making it to Australia. 🙂

    Mitchs last blog post..Tweet My Blog

  3. BS Artist

    Reckon they knew we would see right past it, but then some moron decided he would give it a go anyway.

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