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My name is Miss Jennifer Brown Marisa a twenty two years old  looking for a trustworthy ,sincer and honest someone who can help us in this time of needs.
My father is Dr Johnson Osy Marisa,  a  man  who deal more especially on diamond and ground nut in the republic of Cote d’Ivoire. During the civil and  political crisis in our country, my parents together with my three sister were posioned by heartless  elements that called themselves his business partners . Fortunately for me and my younger brother, we were in our school when this tragedy took place to our family . We were in coma for almost two weeks. But I thank the almighty God because I never knew that I could support the shock of losing almost my whole family. That is by the way.  Right now I am still here in Cote d’Ivoire with my only remaining brother but very unsafe for us. We are living in great fear and bondage. I intend leaving this country as soon as possible but only one thing kept me back. My late father has deposited with one of the prime bank  the sum of money, $5.2Million USD, for onward transfer to any bank abroad
But unfortunately he did not complete the transaction before he died.  I have all the documents concerns this money in the bank  and receipt of deposit with which my late father made the deposit,we have mapped out 15% out of the total money for your help and asistance because it looks stupid for me trying to confide in a total stranger I never met before . By instinct I am convinced you are an honest man and you have the capacity to handle this transaction with me.  As soon as it is done, I will come over with my brother to meet you and spend the rest of our lives in your  country. I wish to invest the money into estate business and other good business you may propose. I  promise to greatly compensate you for any assistance you may offer us. I do not know how you may feel about this but I want you to take this very serious and confidential. Down here, I am living in fear because enemies of my parents are hunting for us.  Please let me know your mind concerning my proposal to you

May God bless you.
with her loving arms
Miss Jennifer Marisa

This email that I have received is definitely a scam, and not just because of the poor English as that can be attributed to the fact that English is not their native tongue. After reading it I found it surprising that a 22 year old was still at school, although it may have been a tertiary institution or something. I also found it strange that she speaks of God in the feminine tense and what is really bizzare is that the author forgot to leave a link so that I could reply, not that I would. Finally, after checking the properties of the email to see where it originated, I found that it came from what seems to be a Hindi dating site. Oh well, I must admit that while I found this email mildly entertaining, I won’t be shedding any tears for Jennifer.

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  1. peter

    I have read similar ‘heartfelt’ messages, but as soon as I read ‘Africa’ the alarm bells ring and I reach for the delete button!!

  2. BS Artist

    That is a very smart move my friend.

  3. Sheryl Loch

    I got some of these also, I was just getting ready to change my name (so family & friends can not find me to ask for loans) & send her some money so, I could get rich & help her out. You have spoiled it now by saying it’s a scam!
    Great – guess I will delete all of them now!
    Gotta go, time to take my pills to enlarge my penis (did not even know I had one).

    Sheryl Lochs last blog post..Saving Time Answering Questions

  4. BS Artist

    See, how much you can learn from me Sheryl, now you don’t have to sit to take a pee anymore 😉

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