ANZ Bank Alert: Action required to avoid account suspention

This next email is a lot closer to home because I have an ANZ account.

As part of our security measures, we regularly monitor the activities in the Bank system. We have recently contacted you in response to a problem with your Anz Bank account.

Information you have requested for the following reason:
Our system has detected unusual debits on a credit card associated with your Bank account.
File No: PP-1128-818-425
This is a last reminder asking you to log in to Bank account as soon as possible.
Please restore access to your account.

Please do not reply to this email. Emails sent to this address can not be answered.

In case some of you are wondering as to why I bother with this sort of post, it’s really quite simple. The world is a huge place, and while there are many who are not susceptible to these types of scams, there are a whole lot more that are, and a lot of them will actually use Google and other search engines to check the validity of said emails. A ┬álot of the time they find one of my posts, and if those posts stop them from getting sucked in, then those posts have done their job.

Oh, did I forget to mention that this email is total bullshit, so don’t stress over it, and certainly do not click on that link.

Oh, the title of the post is copied straight from the email so don’t blame me for the bad spelling. :laugh_tb:

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  1. beautyrest black

    Yup, unfortunately these types of scams are getting more and more realistic. They used to always have some misspellings or some other telling information that was a good clue as to the fact that it’s a scam, but their English has improved dramatically and there is often no good way to know if it’s real. By the way, this is called Phishing. Everyone should know – your bank will never send you an email asking for your login information! Do not click on these links, and if you do, always check the address bar in your browser to make sure that it’s actually your bank’s website. In most cases it will not be! I just wish more people were aware of these tricks.

  2. Tarina

    I’ve started using this website to see if any of the suspicious emails that come through are ligite! Most of them aren’t but now atleast we can verify that their crap!

    Thank you!

  3. BS Artist

    Thanks Tarina, at least I know there is one person who appreciates my posts. :wub_tb: :wink_ee:

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