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This post is all about buying a cheap Lumix battery. This pretty well follows my Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ110 Review video. Now while I love my Lumix camera I discovered that having just one battery wasn’t going to cut it.

My jaw almost dropped to the floor when I found out how much a genuine Panasonic Lumix battery was going to cost me. I figured the only way to get a cheap Lumix battery was to buy a generic one.

After looking around I purchased one from eBay and it was a great buy.

Generic Cheap Lumix Battery

cheap Lumix battery

The deal I got was fantastic netting not one battery but two! Not only that, I got a charger that charges both batteries at once. I was so impressed I had to do a review on it. I called the review ‘Upmarket Battery Review For Lumix DMC TZ110‘. I suppose another good name for the video would be best generic Lumix battery.

You should seriously watch that video because it shows you the battery charger in action. Unlike a lot of other battery charges out there, this one has twin LED displays which shows how much charge the batteries are holding.

Another good reason for hopping over to watch my cheap Lumix battery review is to get the link to the eBay seller. I found that he has the best price as well as the best approval rate, about 99.5%.

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