Controversy At The 2004 Paralympics

Controversies follow paralympic
swimmer Nancy Burpee, who is a world-class paralympic swimmer who attempted to participate in the Paralympic games in 2004 held in Greece. Ms Burpee was selected as part of the United States Paralympic team as she qualified at the United States Olympic trials where she set world records in the 50 and 100 yards freestyle. Unfortunately for her an Australian official, allegedly, disqualified her because she didn’t want Ms Burpee to compete against an Australian paralympic swimmer.

Nancy Burpee was then represented by simmons jannace & stagg who took on her case on a pro bono basis. Despite all their efforts to show that Nancy Burpee was discriminated against and should have been reinstated an independent administrator ruled against Nancy Burpee. Despite all the controversy being the tough woman that she is Nancy continues her career in swimming.


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