How To Increase Your Blogitive And General Revenue.

I’ve noticed that a lot of bloggers use sites such BlogFeast, Writingup, blogcharm etc. and while these are all great sites there is something to be said for hosting your very own blog such as mine on Well Blog Me! Especially if you are looking at increasing your earnings from sites such as Blogitive, Blogsvertise, and Blogginads.

Here are some stats from my Blogitive earnings.

Well Blog Me!      35%

Sire’s Blog         26%
A Blogging Sensation 26%
Sire’s Blogger Blog  6%

For those of you who are not familiar with Blogitive, they offer your individual blogs task, and as can be seen from above my personal blog gets more tasks.

Apart form that in regards to adsense more than 90% of my earnings come from my website and not from my blogs. The other advantage is that most affiliates are looking for webmasters to advertise for them and not bloggers, so with your own website you will be able to increase your current revenue, as well as advertise your blogs. You could host your own Forum as well as increase your linking strategies.

What brought all this up? Due to a good Kiwi friend of mine I found a new affiliate which is offering a great web hosting deal. Its basic plan offers for $6.95 per month up to 5000 megabytes storage space and a 400 gigabyte transfer as well as  $700 in FREE CoffeeCup Software included with their 12 and 24 month Basic, Business and Windows Plans. Their free site transfer service and hosting transfer offer, private domain registration, and a FREE domain name for the life of an annual hosting plan! 

I compared this to my current  host and its basic package is $19.95 per month with 1 GB storage space and only 10 GB per month transfer.

So basically if you can get just 2 tasks from blogitive you will pay for your months rental and have money to spend. The name of the Web Host is Lunarpages and once you have your own website set up you can promote this affiliate for yourself.

It surely is something to think about.

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