SBizzTech My Latest Blog

Blog no. 9 has just gone live. I have called it SBizzTech which stands for Sire’s Business and Technology, and I hope that it will turn out to be as popular as the other ones. It was really easy as well, I just connected the wires, flew my kite and joyfully watched as the lightning charges hit sending life into my newest money maker. I hope to have this accepted by PPP in 90 days, hopefully sooner. Then I will submit it to all the other sites that I have named in this blog.

Why another blog? Because I noticed that blogs concentrating on these topics have a higher pay rate and I was losing out on too many opportunities. My aim is to make a minimum of $500 per week through blogging. It is going to stretch my ability some but then there is nothing wrong with a bit of a challenge.

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