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I have been rather busy of late and have therefore not been able to review up and coming members of my Top Blogs List. Even though I do not have time to do full reviews I would still like to mention them in this post.

  • A PR3 blog known as “The Entertainment Capital Of The Web”.
  • KILL-SYSTEM32: Seems top be a blog offering software for download. The disclaimer is quite interesting.
  • Pvegetah’s Blog Planet: An informative blog, especially the 10 Tips on How to Dress for a Job Interview
  • Sexy Girls’ Videos: If you are into videos of sexy girls this blog may be of interest to you. A PR5 blog so it must be pretty popular.
  • For all those of you who continue to submit your porno sites, don’t bother.

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    1. Sire

      Makes you wonder if they wanted the job at all.

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