Wow My CONTRACT/INHERITANCE Payment Has Been Verified

Another scam, spam, phishing email is being circulated. This one really is quite amusing.

This is to officialy inform you that we have verified your
CONTRACT/INHERITANCE payment of US$5,500,000, and we the Senate committee on
appropriation and finance have arranged your payment to be paid with an atm
card in regard to an order from MR. President Alhaji Musa Yara’dua
(GCFR) Federan Republic of Nigeria, an ATM card which you will use to
withdraw your money from any ATM Machine in any part of the world have been
approved for you.

To receive your ATM card of $5.5 million us dollars contact Mr.Femi
Coker on this email: with the following:

1.full Name 2. Address 3. Phone 4.Your age

Barr.Kemi Silver.

They have verified my “CONTRACT/INHERITANCE payment”? Amazing, now how the hell did they do that? And what is better is that they are going to put the whole US$5.5 million into an ATM card. Who the hell ever thought of that? What is really bloody funny is that they admit the letter has ties with Nigeria! Now anyone who received this type of email from Nigeria of all places, and responded to it would have to be a bloody idiot!

What is really bloody amazing is that there is only one spelling mistake, two if you count that ATM was typed in lower case.

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  1. Busby SEO

    I just wonder, if I really get that money. Not all, just a pice of that millions is enough 😀

  2. BS Artist

    Sure you’d be lucky to get a cent.

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