Proof That Women Do Get Distracted

Come on guys, we have known for a long time that, despite what women actually telly you, women do get distracted. yet knowing is not enough! We need proof and after a lot of putting Google through its paces I found the following study.

It was a study done by Dr. Ruth Mc.Codswollop which found that the prefrontal cortex of the woman’s brain tilted 2 degrees to the left. This caused the magnetic field (due to electrical impulses caused by thought) in the woman’s brain to create another entirely new field thereby creating another thought process. Apparently this 2nd thought process is what enables women to multi-task ( for you men that means they can do two things at once) and for several women whose prefrontal cortex tilted more than 2 degrees, the capacity for multi-tasking was greatly increased.

One anomaly to the study was that upon testing several blond women’s prefrontal cortex it was discovered that they had no tilt whatsoever. The study therefore concluded that this was the main reason for blond’s lack of multi-tasking abilities. Dr. Ruth on a tangent wondered if that was why many blonds subconciously tilted their heads during conversation, in an attempt to rectify this abnormality, but drew a blank and decided they were just being blond.

I digress, what it all comes down to is due to the increased thought capacity, a woman’s brain is always working overtime (ergo the migraine and lack of sex drive for some women) and it is the fact that the prefrontal cortex goes off into tangents that causes a women to get easily distracted. Though women like to think that this is an attribute, in actual fact it is what is causing them to play 2nd fiddle in the business world as the more logical single thought process of the male mind is much more preferred.

I would say it was somewhat biased because it was conducted by a woman, but then she probably did it while distracted by something else.


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