Scammers Now Asking For Read Receipts!

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Can you believe that these morons have the audacity to ask for read receipts when they send out their crappy scam emails? The first time I got one I thought it was a mistake, but I am now getting more and more of them. What a lot of bullshit. They must be dumber than I thought. At least attach the read receipt to an email that looks a little credible. Don’t expect me to click yes as an acknowledgment to an email that is trying to extend the size of my already well endowed penis, you bloody morons.

I make it a habit to never acknowledge a read receipt unless I recognize the sender, because if you do you will be setting yourself up for a bloody big increase in this sort of crap. So do what I do and Never, Ever give them the satisfaction of acknowledging that they even exist.


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  1. Mitch

    I hadn’t heard about this, probably because I use Mailwasher so almost no mail I don’t actually request comes to my computer. Still, even with other email, I have my program set up to never respond to requests for return receipts. Part of it may seem hypocritical since every once in awhile I send an email with one on it, but I figure if no one else knows how to turn it off, that’s not my problem. But it’s rare that I use it.

    1. Mitch

      If you use Outlook Express, there’s a setting in there. I use Thunderbird, and there’s a setting there also.

      1. BS Artist

        Thanks Mitch. I will check that out.

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