Try Your Luck With Aussie Lotto

Yep you can’t believe those sites that say you can earn $1000 dollars and up a week. I mean every time you see one of those just ask yourself, if it sounds too good to be true, because if it does it is. On the other hand you may be one of those who likes to dabble in the lotto, if so like everything else these days you can do it online.

Do you hate being at the end of a queue waiting to purchase a ticket, or is it always too hard to park the car, to get out and wait to get served Are you finding it all too hard to go and get that damn ticket at times? Well not any more! Now you can do it online at OZ LOTTERIES. Sign up now using by clicking on OZ LOTTERIES and they will deposit $5.00 into your account.

Sounds like a commercial :lol_wp: sorry I couldn’t help myself, but its all true. I signed up last week, bought the ticket online and actually got 4 numbers which only payed forty bucks but hey, its better than nothing. I was also emailed the result and when I checked online it even showed my ticket with all the winning numbers circled, how cool is that. I hated checking those numbers thinking I always missed some out.

Anyway if your the sort of person who does buy lottery tickets try OZ LOTTERIES

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  1. peter petterson

    I’ll stick to Kiwi Lotto. Can’t win much there, can’t see how Aussie lotto will help me much either!



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