My First Pond Was A Real Delight

Formal rock garden pond with waterfall.
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I remember when I got my first pond, it was something that I wanted for quite awhile but kept putting off because I thought it was all too hard. In reality though it wasn’t all that bad because I found a store that had the right pond supplies and who didn’t charge an arm and a leg for what I needed.

Naturally, because of the size of my garden I only went for a small pond, but it was still big enough to hold 8 or so goldfish. The pump and fountain was a great idea as apart from aerating the pond it also provided the soothing sound of running water. I must admit I proud enough that I had to show it off to family and friends.

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  1. Mitch

    Wait; you have a pond? And this is it? Sweet! Doesn’t look like you’d ever have to worry about mosquitoes with that baby.

    1. Sire

      Yes I do Mitch, but that ain’t it, I wish it was it’s a real beauty.

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