Executive Director in African Department and Debt Reconciliation Officer BS Email

Here is an interesting email for you, that I received today. It’s obviously of the phishing type but I’m not sure how it intends to suck anybody in. It links to a legitimate site, probably so that it lends some sort of authority to the email itself, but it’s so full of crap you’d have to be a moron to believe it to be anything but utter bullshit.

It seems that this one is using some sort of scare tactics but it’s so full of crap that I doubt that anyone would believe for a moment it was intended for them, but then again, you never know. Here’s the email, I’d be interested in your opinion of it.

Dr.  Mark Tunde,
Executive Director in African Department and Debt Reconciliation Officer
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Plot 39, Ozumba Mbadiwe Street Victoria Island Lagos Nigeria.

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Re: Intercepted Transfer worth Eleven Million Dollars ($11,000,000)

It has come to our notice in our Headquarters building (I.M.F) that your impending funds from Africa, which was Intercepted worth Eleven Million Dollars ($11,000,000) has been released to you ,we noticed that you made several attempt to transfer your funds but to no avail. Our investigation continued to the African Department (I.M.F). The monitoring team gave an unsatisfactory report to your transaction; hence the chairman is presently under investigation for conspiracy with your representative with intension to divert your funds.

You are advised to desist from contacting anyone including your agent or representative in these regard, International Monetary Fund has taken full responsibility to transfer your fund to you, respond to these mail by providing your full below;


You can also give me a call as soon as possible for an oral discussion. Direct Telephone Line: +2348062226888

Yours Faithfully,

Dr.  Mark Tunde,
Executive Director African Department
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Direct Telephone Line: +2348062226888

So what do you make of that one? Would you fall for it?

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