Is There A Good Memorial Site?

The truth is most people would not even consider whether or not there was a good memorial site available until they have lost a loved one and felt the need to do something to keep the memory of them alive. I know this to be true because it wasn’t until I lost my beloved sister-in-law that I felt the need to do so. It wasn’t until after posting a memorial to her on one of my blogs that I decided she deserved so much more.

A Loving Memorial Come To Life

Yes, she deserves so much more than a post in the middle of a blog full of other posts that do nothing but detract from a true memorial. After googling memorials I found several online but not one of them was good enough for me.

The free ones that I came across were so tacky, what with the ads posted all over the sites, there was no way I would place a memorial on them. As for the paid memorial sites, there was not one that I came across that would do Josie justice. I think it’s because they were all automated and being so most were very generic. Also being automated didn’t allow for you to do a memorial that truly stood out.

That was when I decided to start my own memorial site and A Loving Memorial was born. I spent ages on choosing the right name, theme, colour themes as well as the images to promote a sense of peace and tranquility for all visitors. As for the memorials themselves, well you can be the judge for that. Compare the link at the beginning of the post to A Loving Memorial To Josie Zollo! I’m sure you agree that A Loving does her a lot more justice.

I’m sure the fact that is not automated and that those grieving can deal with a real person has a lot going for it as well. In that way, rather than having a generic memorial, they can have one that is more tailored to their requirements.


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