What Makes Lottobroker.com A Scam

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Lottobroker.com a scamDon’t you hate those sites that say one thing but their intention is just to suck you in. Like those sites that say, “Is Lottobroker.com a scam? Read our review” Of course their intention was always to try and get you to actually join Lottobroker.com. Asking the question as to whether or not Lottobroker was a scam was just a ploy to suck in all those people who are really wanting to know if Lottobroker could be trusted. And why wouldn’t they want to know something like that. The last thing they want is to be sucked in by another scam site.

There is one site though who is actually calling out Lottobroker.com as a online lottery site that can’t be trusted. The post I’m talking about is called Is Lottobroker A Scam? Can They Be Trusted? It then goes on to say exactly why you can’t trust Lottobroker.com when it comes to buying your lottery tickets online.

Lottobroker.com A Scam? Can’t Be Trusted!

When dealing with anyone, whether it’s online or a bricks and mortar business you want to make sure that their trustworthy. If you knew, as an example, that they weren’t paying their employees properly or that they were ripping someone off then it’s probably a safe bet to say they couldn’t be trusted.

Apparently Lottobroker has been ripping their affiliates off. These are the same people who have been promoting them as a trustworthy site only to have all that hard work trashed by their employer. That’s like going to work only to find that your boss has decided he’s not going to pay you your wages. Not only wouldn’t you trust him anymore but you would probably warn off everybody you knew so they would get sucked in by him as well.

Well that is what the guy who wrote that post is trying to do. He’s trying to warn people away from Lottobroker because he honestly believes they can’t be trusted. That way people won’t waste their time by joining and hopefully Lottobroker members will stop using their services.

Give this post a plug so that more people will find out that Lottobroker.com shouldn’t be trusted.

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  1. Dean

    They are a scam. I had still 25USD, never won a big price and thanks to that :}

    1. BS Artist

      Looks like they’ve now gone offline and right up to the last day I was getting promotional emails trying to get me to buy tickets.

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