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Your Happy new year gift you're compromised and totally exposed read now !!!

It’s like 2019 is going to be like any other year, full of emails trying to scam money out of you. I got one today with the following heading, Your Happy new year gift you’re compromised and totally exposed read now !!!

The purpose of this Your Happy new year gift email is to intimidate the reader into believing that unless he follows the instructions, he will be blackmailed by having made up charges revealed to the police. You can read the email below, completely unedited.

Your Happy new year gift you’re compromised and totally exposed read now !!!


Let me get directly to the point without wasting both of our time not too long ago while surfing one of adult porn xxx web-site your operating system is hacked by application I carefully placed there,
and while you were watching those videos and having fun in my software program installed malware on your personal computer now I have complete access of the computer system.

After I found your pc idle I opened network connection details and made a video of  your ip details, exact same way I made a video of yours all important documents, social accounts, your contacts , and e-mail accounts, now I have everything to prove that’s you more over my malware sent me everything back so i have copies of them with me.

Later on I visited few child porn web-sites saved those child porn videos played on your pc and made a video of  it ,  I save those videos on your computer in hidden format such way that’s only I can access them (and law enforcement officials will once I will inform them if you do not do what I say specifically), after that I visited few blackmarket websites  dream market and silk road (Google it and you will get it what is it) and I made an account on your name there..

Now I’ve 3 recordings of yours

1) Watching and downloading child porn (criminal offence)
2) Made you member of infamous Dream Market and Silk Road (thinking to ordering some drugs and firearms on your name soon..)
3) Your ip , crucial documents , Contacts, Social Details , Geo Graphical details by Google map and your ip

Now you have 2 choices

First dismiss this email and don’t act then I simply go ahead after 72 hrs and send those videos of you enjoying child porno to your all contacts, then i purchase drugs and guns on your name and send details to authorities to allow them to arrest you and trust me they will destroy your relationship, career, social life etc.

Second option is to give me $1000 and realize its as a donation and when I get the amount I will delete those videos and records which i’ve..and you can continue your normal life like this never happened

You’ll make the transaction through Bitcoin (if you don’t know this, search ‘how to buy bitcoin in Google’).

Btc address  to send funds to: 1AP6k16ChSmsCFjpX5KgUyCCCyt66N2yHm   its case sensitive so copy paste it

If you are planning to consult with law enforcement officials feel free I already taken care of it this email can not be trace back to me , mind you I’m not asking much to be honest and you can simply send the funds and lead a normal life 
also for your information I placed a call back pixel in this email so if u reading this and ignoring reminding u I know and your time is ticking after 7 days I will send those videos to your contacts and authorities
if however u send me money I’ll erase everything from your end and mine along with delete the account from dream market and silk road too..

Lets the game begin now…

OK, I know this is total BS because I don’t visit porn sites. Also, I do not own a PC. I could go on, but those two points alone prove to me that the person behind this email is a con artist and there is no way in hell that I’m sending him any money.

So, if you get this Your Happy new year gift email in your inbox, I would delete it.

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