The Dogs Eat The Crows

After a hard fought game the Crows lose to the Western Bulldogs. Though the Crows played well they were out played by the Dogs in the last half. Better lack next week fellas. Final score: Crows 16.13 (109) Western Bulldogs 21.14 (140)

Yes! The Crows do it again. An impressive win against the Sydney Swans. There were those who said the Crows win against Port Power was just lucky (mainly the Port fans 🙂 ) and that we would lose against the Swans, but we proved them wrong. The score: Adelaide Crows 18.12 (120) def. Sydney Swans…

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Yah the Crows

Last week, (sorry its late guys but I only got this blogging thing running today) Sunday 10th April, The Crows played their arch rivals Port Power in ShowDown 17 and creamed em. The final scores were Crows 18.16 (124) To Port Power 8.8 (56). It was a great game to watch. Keep it up boys….

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Well, this is it, my first blog. May I say that installing WordPress was a breeze. Thanks guys for a great free product. I’m having a few problems with the email section as its not sending the from variable in the emails when a new user joins. You may want to keep an eye out…

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