Is Labor The Right Choice For Government?

This is a very important question and one that every Australian should consider. Even more important is who will be running the Government, Kevin Rudd or the Union Movement. It scares me that more and more Union members are infiltrating Labor’s ranks, even at the cost of their own members.

It seems that Labor’s IR laws (Industrial Relations) seem to favour the Union movement at the cost of business. Even Westpac’s, one of Australia’s big four banks, chief executive David Morgan says that the Nation would slide backwards if Labor’s policy was implemented. He says of collective bargaining:

“As someone who’s been involved in that in the past, in seeing the huge benefits of moving away from centralised wage fixing, then I think it would be a retrograde step, anything that took us back towards that.”

I have even heard on today’s news that under Labor’s collective bargaining that the majority who voted rules and it would apply for the whole workforce. As an example if you had a workforce of say 9000, and say only 100 turned up for the collective bargaining meeting and 60 of the 100 approved then it would be applied to the whole 9000. Not only that but any non-union member would have to pay a fee for the union involvement, a fee greater than what you would pay as a yearly subscription. In essence they are trying to entice people to join thereby increasing their coffers.

I may not agree with everything that Mr Howard has done, but I believe he is still the right choice for Australia and the economy, unemployment rate, interest rates and tough stance on what he believes is right for the country proves it.

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